Medical tourism: A great investment

Medical tourism is an activity in which people from one place go to another, usually a certain nation, to undergo a certain treatment or procedure.

This activity has become a real gold mine for investors because the value of some medical procedures is high, but, as long as results, professionalism, and employees are guaranteed, there will be a growing demand, which is why today we are going to show you two types of medical tourism that show that it is a great investment.

Physical Health: Help Others and Yourself

A noble and humanitarian task is the provision of the physical health service, that is, to dedicate oneself to treating, detecting, and curing the pathologies that people may have, as well as the disorders that they may present.

People who invest in clinics of this kind, in addition to generating jobs for one of the neediest professions in the world, expand health coverage in one country, which is very favorable for people, including those who are willing to travel to another country for treatment, who will benefit from this better scope every time they need to go to a doctor.

Baja California Norte, a state in northwestern Mexico, is one of the places that show that medical tourism is an excellent investment, because of the growing demand for procedures developed in this place, bordering the United States, which is one of the best countries to study medicine, has increased the number of foreigners who come to be treated there.

It is known that many foreigners go to dentists in Tijuana because of the quality of the procedures, their professionalism in performing it, and the hospitality of the professionals. With all this in mind, investing in medical tourism in physical health is a big decision, dividends and income are guaranteed and, in addition, you will be helping people.

Aesthetic health: Better beauty, higher income

Currently, there is a large number of people who want to improve their physical appearance through various medical procedures, this has encouraged medical tourism since these individuals seek favorable results in a short time, this causes doctors with better studies and experience to have a greater demand.

Mexico, for example, is one of the most touristic countries in the world, and, due to its proximity to the United States, one of the nations in which there are more professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine, this has made people who put this type of business receive a good number of medical tourists each year.

Among so many places in the country, Baja California Norte also stands out in aesthetic medicine, procedures such as a tummy tuck in Tijuana have a fairly high demand because quite promising results are achieved in a shorter time product of the professionalism of doctors who are experts in the field. Without a doubt, investing in this aspect is a good idea, you receive good dividends and you have the guarantee that there will always be people willing to pay for this operation.

The best businesses to invest

If you are in Mexico and you want to look for a business idea to invest your money, these can be excellent options, because they are extremely necessary for many people who live in the country, and also for the tourists who come to the Aztec country, looking for these services.

Auto insurance, an increasingly profitable business

In recent years, car insurance has become one of the best businesses to invest in, since in Mexico only insurance sold in the country is valid.

An example of progress in this regard is car insurance, which sells its services at a good price and faster every day, taking into account that there are different types of this insurance, ranging from one month to one year.

Dental clinics, a safe investment 

Every day there are more tourists from all over the world who come to Tijuana looking for dental treatments. In fact, the quick attention and professionalism of the dentists in this place are what are causing more and more people to request this service.

One of the most important and requested services is a root canal in Tijuana, other of them, such as dental cleaning, implants, and many other really necessary dental services are increasingly in demand, so founding a dental clinic will always be an excellent business idea.

Handicraft stores, stronger every day

Thanks to this new awakening of health tourism, the artisan market is growing every day, since many of them bring different types of souvenirs to their friends and family, which really favors those who want to have these businesses, also giving the possibility to preserve much of the wonderful Aztec culture, such as the blouses with their beautiful embroidery, the colorful rebozos and sarapes, the talaveras, the art of blown glass, the black clay, the alebrijes, and even the traditional sweets.

Restaurants, the delight of Mexico

Restaurants in Mexico are a big business, in fact, every day there is a great variety of them that are dedicated to traditional food, as well as fast and international foods.

Actually, in this country, there is much to give and to experience at this time, because in Mexico there is always a great variety of dishes and combinations that can be made, and that can preserve the tradition of this beautiful country.

Hoteles, an excellent idea!

Along with restaurants, hotels have been developing with great favor, due to the large number of tourists who come to the country, for different services, and for what hotels of all sizes are needed, from large hotels to hostels and Boutique hotels, and even vacation apartments that are rented only for weekends will be really interesting as investment businesses since they allow an excellent amount of income.


How to achieve customer loyalty

If there is a totally determining factor in the success of a company, it is the loyalty of the people who buy the goods or services it offers. In fact, this aspect is what guarantees the solidity of a company in the presence of competition, because if customers decide to buy the same thing, but in another company, the income will plummet.

Many entrepreneurs are concerned about generating customer loyalty, and that is why today we teach you how to achieve this important goal.

Quality: An important factor

The quality of a product is the guarantee of customer loyalty, in history there have been numerous cases of companies that, at first, dominated a market and went down because their products were not very durable or effective in comparison to the competition.

Although most of these situations occurred in past centuries, the reality is that even today it is possible to deflate too much if you do not have quality, which is why, to ensure that your customers are loyal is that you never try to lower costs to the detriment of quality, because if the demand is maintained and constantly increases, stability is guaranteed.


For example, a dentist in Tijuana who wants to remain firm in the market despite the arrival of competitors, is that his procedures are always of great quality, from a treatment for cavities to dental implants, as long as the quality expected by customers is maintained , these will be loyal regardless of the competition.


Customer service and loyalty

Another factor that notably determines the loyalty that a client has to your company is the attention you give it, because in this aspect there is a gigantic polarization in public opinion, even more so in the era of social networks, any act that is allegedly repudiable towards a customer, it may result in your company being a victim of the so-called “cancellation culture”.


On the contrary, if you provide excellent treatment and a high speed of procedures for those who request the goods or services you offer, you will have a point in favor of loyalty, because the love of a client for the attention they receive is walking advertising.


Mexico retirement communities, are a clear example of this aspect, since many family members who decide to intern their older adults in these places see that if they receive excellent treatment from the staff and, in addition, they obtain good customer service when it is required, they remain faithful and prefer not to change the retreat center, precisely because of this aspect.


The combination of these two factors ensures, to a large extent, that your company’s customers remain loyal to you regardless of how much competition there is.

The most wanted business in Mexico

Mexico is one of the Latin American countries that enjoys the prestigious title of emerging market. It has such a vibrant economy that it is beginning to become a more developed nation than others on the same continent. Consequently, investment in this country is a huge opportunity to function properly in the market.


However, the problem begins when you have to decide what type of business you want to start in this nation, since Mexico is so diverse in its market that it is possible to start any kind of business. That is why today we will tell you about two of the most sought after businesses in Mexico.


The health sector, help people and yourself 

A humanitarian business that can be provided in Mexico is health, since there is a great demand for this vital service in the country, especially in order to complement the public network of hospitals and clinics.

It is an excellent idea to start a health business in Mexico, since not only are jobs created for doctors and practice sites for medical students, but also great help is being provided to people who sometimes have to walk or travel long distances to access a decent health service.


You can not only invest in conventional medicine, but also in aesthetic clinics, because in addition to making people feel good, it is also relevant to be satisfied with their appearance, which is why the clinics that offer liposuction in Tijuana have reported large profits given the demand and due to the precedent of the city, where this type of procedure has become a big business.


Elder care: a profitable public service

Humanitarianism is not limited only to clinics to attend people to solve their health or aesthetic problems, as this noble ideology also includes the care of those who need it most, of all these people, one of the most sought after businesses in Mexico is, without a doubt, the care of the elderly.


This is due to the fact that, sometimes, retired people do not have enough income to be able to support themselves, being forced to resort to care centers for the elderly, which have a relatively low cost that they can pay with the benefit of economic retirement or through a family member.


In addition, retirement homes in Mexico are a profitable business due to the demand it has, as well as the amount of competition that exists, which, although it may be tough, offer promotions that benefit families that leave adults older there, as well as better service than other retirement homes have if you make a generous enough investment.


In a whole, investing in one of the two types of businesses above or, if you wish, in both simultaneously, will guarantee you a good amount of money in income compared to other types of companies.

¿Por qué es necesario un buen ambiente laboral y cómo lograrlo?

Cuando un emprendedor decide poner a rodar la bola de nieve por la pendiente con su empresa, suele tener pensamientos utópicos, en donde los empleados se la llevan bien y nunca se pelean, ni tampoco generan un mal ambiente laboral.

Sin embargo, esta fantasía rara vez se cumple, ya que las relaciones humanas están llenas de conflicto, de hecho, estas diferencias son el pan de cada día de la sociedad, lo cual hace que, en ocasiones, sea complicado generar un buen ambiente laboral.

Hay tantas personas que han dejado pasar esto desapercibido, que incluso hoy hay empresas que se van a la quiebra por las malas relaciones entre empleados,  trabajadores y clientes. Es por eso que hoy te mostraremos la importancia de un buen ambiente laboral y cómo lograrlo.

Un ambiente laboral constructivo hace constructiva a una empresa

El fundamento sine qua non de una empresa es el trabajo en equipo, de hecho, las primeras corporaciones que surgieron durante la revolución industrial en la segunda mitad del siglo XIX eran, precisamente, de un grupo de personas denominadas “socios”, que se unían en una sociedad, llamada empresa, que tenía objetivos fijos y un producto particular.

Estas empresas se fundamentaban en los aportes que estos socios podían otorgar, ya sea como accionistas o, directamente, como jefes de un departamento en específico. Es aquí en donde surge la necesidad de un ambiente laboral constructivo, pues si estos socios se peleaban, cabía el riesgo de que retiraran sus aportes y, en consecuencia, la empresa dejaba de existir.

El ambiente laboral constructivo es esta misma situación, pero llevada al trabajador común de la empresa, pues un descontento en una tarea sencilla puede derrumbar la compañía desde abajo, ya sea porque dos o más trabajadores se hallen en desacuerdo o porque una mala reseña de un cliente arruine la imagen pública. Si, por el contrario, se mantiene una buena relación entre todos, la empresa avanza. 

Las herramientas digitales y el ambiente laboral

En ocasiones, las técnicas tradicionales de cultura ciudadana resultan ineficaces a la hora de mantener un sano ambiente laboral, en especial, en una sociedad tan conectada como la actual. Por ende, cada vez resulta más necesario involucrar a las TIC en este aspecto.

Tal es el caso del CRM Microsoft Dynamics, un programa de gestión de relaciones cliente-empresa desarrollado por el gigante tecnológico, el cual emplea tecnologías de diversa índole para mejorar la atención que reciben los clientes de una compañía por parte de sus empleados, de este modo, se pueden generar mejores opiniones y, en consecuencia, una demanda mayor.

Por ejemplo, un negocio de persianas en Mexicali, que haga uso de este programa, puede lograr que los empleados se lleven bien con los clientes con base en un sistema más eficiente de contacto, además de hacer que haya un ambiente laboral constructivo entre empleados al evaluar el desempeño convivencial y productivo de estos. Con todas estas maravillas modernas, ¿A quién no se le ocurriría implementar sistemas para mejorar el ambiente de su empresa?

¿Por qué tu empresa debería invertir en Software?

¡El futuro ha llegado!, y todos lo han venido sintiendo, desde teléfonos inteligentes con aplicaciones cada vez más útiles, hasta dispositivos que parecen sacados de una película de ciencia ficción, para nadie es secreto que algunas de las cosas que vimos en pronósticos del siglo pasado en materia de tecnología, se han consolidado en la actualidad, y el mercado no es la excepción. La empresa del siglo XXI debe tener muy presentes los avances tecnológicos para subsistir, y el software es el primer paso.

Empleados más confiables y clientes satisfechos

En la actualidad, hay programas de computadora que tienen múltiples fines, sin lugar a duda, el software de aplicación es más prolífico hoy que en ningún otro punto de su historia, motivo por el cual, las empresas han optado por invertir en el para beneficiarse.

Las empresas se mueven por la confianza de los clientes y la capacidad de los empleados de satisfacer las necesidades de los demandantes, el software, para tal fin, se puede aplicar de dos formas.

La primera es el CRM, que consiste en la integración de múltiples avances contemporáneos, tales como la computación en la nube, para mejorar la experiencia y la atención al cliente en todo sentido, de este modo, se es más cercano a la persona que solicita tus productos o servicios, e incrementa la demanda al recomendarle tu empresa a otros.

La segunda, y más importante, es el Sistema de Evaluación de Desempeño, un tipo de programa que se emplea para determinar el compromiso de tus empleados con la causa y el objetivo de la compañía que manejas, de este modo, ellos van a verse en la necesidad de atender a los clientes y a manejar tus productos de una manera mejor, de este modo, se garantiza una mejor imagen para la empresa. 

Mejor manejo de recursos, mayor rango de inversión y solvencia

Otra de las formas más relevantes de aplicar el software en tu negocio es el sistema de manejo de recursos empresariales, que son programas que permiten almacenar datos de ventas y demás aspectos financieros para formar planes de inversión más viables y que garantizan mejores ingresos por medio de un balance adecuado entre la oferta y la demanda histórica de los clientes.

Un claro caso de esta aplicación es la operación de la empresa SAP México, por medio de su amplio catálogo de software corporativo, especialmente dedicado al manejo de los recursos empresariales, ha logrado que las empresas nacionales, así como las filiales de las corporaciones de otros países en esta nación, incrementen sus ingresos y su demanda. 

Por otro lado, los sistemas ERP permiten generar una mayor solvencia o capacidad de pago de deudas a las empresas que lo utilizan, esto debido a que, al tener un incremento en los ingresos, es posible contar con una capacidad de pago de deudas mucho mayor, evitando caer en crisis debido a retrasos al finiquitar los créditos obtenidos para comprar maquinarias o generar infraestructuras, pudiendo crear planes de inversión que incluyan endeudamiento sostenible para las empresas. ¡Simplemente maravilloso!

Types of permits for business in Mexico

Opening a new business is one of the most rewarding experiences, not only represents independence, ideas, entrepreneurship, among others, but it is also a pretty good way to spend time with the family and benefit at the same time in the case of family business. They represent a unique opportunity to prosper economically without worrying about bosses or being fired.

However, for many people, the headaches begin when requesting and obtaining the necessary permits to roll the snowball down the mountain, therefore, this time we are going to talk about the two most important permits for businesses: The authorization to use the name and the unique zoning certificate.


Authorization of use of denomination or company name

The company name is the name and the words that will differentiate your business from others, it is filed through the secretariat of economy through a specific web page called “Your Company”. This authorization allows you to use your company name in a totally legal way, which means that no one else can use it and, in addition, you will be able to issue documents on behalf of the company without problems.

A clear example of the need to obtain this permit is a clinic, because a person who needs weight loss surgery Mexico must know very well the name and characteristics of the clinic to which he will go, so, if there are two establishments with the same name, the person will not know which is the one.

However, if one of them has a current business name and is registered with the Ministry of Finance, they will have better references and the potential patient will be able to determine which clinic is the one that offers the services they need with all the laws. 

Unique zoning certificate or land use permit

The land use permit is one that entitles you to fulfill the purpose you are going to give to the land you are using to build your business, as well as the uses that you are allowed and prohibited for the place, in this way, you will be able to build the facilities you need without any legal inconvenience. The permit is obtained through the Secretariat of Urban Development and Housing, but can also be obtained with a “Digital Certificate”.

An example of the use of this permit is a Green Room Todos Santos,which intends to build its physical plant on a given land, if they obtain the unique certificate of zoning they will be able to perform this task legally and, in addition, comply before the law for the purpose that is intended to give the place.

Permits, regardless of their type, are an important aspect for all Mexican entrepreneurs, as these not only imply legality, but also, to be able to perform to the maximum the economic activities to be carried out without worrying about the damages that may be caused by carrying them out without permission.

¿Qué necesita un despacho de abogados en la actualidad?

Un despacho de abogados parece muy sencillo de organizar, pero hay algunos elementos que son imprescindibles para que funcione de una forma perfecta.  Por supuesto que se debe investigar el mercado, seleccionar el personal, hacer un plan de inversión y conocer el marco legal para instalarte como abogado, pero, además, debes tener en cuenta algunos detalles que te ayudarán para que todo esté en mejor orden y por supuesto, al servicio de tus clientes. 


Software adecuado para tu labor


Para un despacho de abogados debes tener en cuenta que hay muchos softwares empresariales en el mercado, pero sin duda el que más te servirá es un software de recursos humanos, pues este te permitirá tener una base de datos perfectamente actualizada de todos tus clientes, y, además la referencia de sus casos. 


Si tienes un despacho de abogados, tendrás que tener un gran orden, pues no puedes correr el riesgo de confundir el papeleo de los casos. Todo debe estar en perfecta organización. 


Tener un software que te permita con la identificación del cliente o con su nombre conseguir toda su información de inmediato, sin duda es una de las mejores ayudas que puedes recibir. 


Además, puedes tener también en cuenta los logros de tu personal, ya que un software adecuado, te permitirá tener un dato exacto de los avances que han tenido en su formación los abogados que tienes a tu lado. 


Supongamos que surge un caso, en el que necesites un abogado de familia con especialización en el manejo de los casos con menores, entonces, si tienes un software de recursos adecuado, solo necesitarás consultarlo para saber si tienes en tu equipo de trabajo un abogado que cumpla con este requisito. 


Actualizaciones para tus abogados


Si tienes un despacho de abogados, debes mantener a tu personal actualizado, hay muchos cursos para abogados Perú que pueden ayudarte a que esta meta se cumpla fácilmente, y, que son imprescindibles para lograr que se tenga un servicio adecuado para que los clientes se sientan realmente respaldados, por abogados que están actualizados con las nuevas leyes que suelen surgir cada cierto tiempo.

En tu oficina de abogados es indispensable tener una secretaria, o un software que la supla, organizando tanto las citas de los clientes como de las que se tienen en los despachos judiciales para presentar los alegatos en favor de los clientes. 

Es necesario que todo esto lo tengas perfectamente organizado, para que no se vaya a pasar ninguna de las dos clases de citas, que son sumamente importantes, para que tengas un excelente renombre, pues el tener los datos exactos de tus clientes, y ser cumplido con las citas, realmente tendrás un elemento interesante a tu favor. 

Además de todo lo mencionado anteriormente, ten todos tus casos sistematizados y con un respaldo en la nube, de tal forma que, si algo sucede y tienes que formatear algún equipo, no se pierda todo el trabajo que has realizado. 

Es absolutamente indispensable, tener una buena conexión de internet, para que tu despacho de abogados funcione a la perfección. 

Requirements of the clinics to operate: COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has only revealed that the health system needs extensive coverage to cope with these devastating events, sometimes public networks may not be enough for this, so it is sometimes necessary that investors and entrepreneurs inject money into the health sector, benefiting people and themselves.

However, many people who are going to establish a clinic do not know what requirements they should take into consideration when making the investment, therefore, today we are going to show you two necessary aspects to put a clinic to operate in the middle of this pandemic.

Specialized physicians: a necessity amid the pandemic

Beyond something necessary to attract more customers, it is vital that, in the midst of the pandemic, they get specialized doctors in order to cope with this fact. Currently the most needed are intensive care unit personnel, the other fields of medicine are not left behind, as the more procedures and the better quality, people will be able to quickly go to these services without exposure to the virus.

For example, a professional in facial fillers Tijuana can be hired and work in the midst of restrictions, as he will be able to perform his procedures quickly and effectively when measures become more lax by reducing contagions, which is a solution to demand without over-exposing himself to potential infection. 

Medical permits and licenses: Vital to be able to function

If you want to create a new clinic it is necessary to own the permits and take into account that the medical licenses of the contracted professionals are authentic, since in the health sector, what is risked when you do not have the permits or guarantees of professionalism, does not jeopardize the quality of food or a material, but the lives and health of patients.

The two most important permits are the health license and the clinic registry, both are obtained through the secretariat of health, they are vital so that a clinic can be put into operation, even more so during a pandemic such as Covid-19 , since the high demand for intensive care units makes it necessary for new establishments to have the appropriate permits.

From dental implants Tijuana, to high-level private hospitals must also take into consideration the veracity and authenticity of the medical licenses of the professionals they hire, as this certificate is a guarantee of quality of the procedures they perform, as well as a part of trust for patients.

Physician studies should be properly endorsed, not only by the fact that hiring an unlicensed professionals is an illegal act, but this fact does not guarantee that the procedures are adequate, and that a patient’s life is put at risk if it is made by someone who does not have the proper studies, which in the pandemic is extremely sensitive.

¿Cómo elegir el software más indicado para ti?

El software de administración es aquel que se implementa con el fin de gestionar de manera eficiente una compañía o sus recursos, dentro de esta categoría existen dos variantes: el CRM, que mejora las relaciones entre los clientes y la compañía que le ofrece bienes o servicios, y el otro es el ERP, que maneja los recursos empresariales con el fin de mejorar las ventas y los servicios a los empleados.

Sin embargo, para muchas personas, en especial emprendedores y empresarios, resulta complicado determinar qué clase de software administrativo requieren para sus negocios, pues elegir entre satisfacer más las necesidades de los clientes o darles un mejor servicio a las fuerzas de trabajo es una decisión compleja, en especial si no se tiene el presupuesto para obtener ambos tipos de software.

El primer aspecto que se debe tener en cuenta al tomar esta decisión recae en los propósitos de la compañía, si esta se basa en la venta de determinados bienes o determinados servicios. Por ejemplo, no es lo mismo enfatizar en la atención al cliente en una agencia de seguros que en una fábrica que es contratada por empresas.

Igualmente, se debe tener muy en cuenta el tamaño de tu empresa y a cuántos clientes ha llegado, pues es poco conveniente implementar un software de administración de recursos cuando se cuenta con una reducida cantidad de trabajadores, cuando se tiene una cantidad mediana o muy grande de empleados, si resulta apropiado conseguir uno de estos programas. La misma situación se da con el volumen de clientes que tiene tu empresa.

¿Cómo implementar un software de administración en tu empresa?

Para implementar un software de administración se debe tener en cuenta el tipo de programa que vas a instalar, pues el proceso de implementación del software de administración depende precisamente de esta categoría. Sin embargo, a nivel general, se requiere que esta transición sea gradual con el fin de no incomodar a los clientes o a los trabajadores con un cambio repentino.

Por un lado, la implementación de un salesforce México se vale de informar a los clientes por medio de las redes sociales que estos tengan sobre la creación de una plataforma para interactuar directamente con la empresa. Se puede iniciar como algo opcional, dejando las alternativas iniciales durante un periodo adecuado, e ir sacándolas paulatinamente de circulación para dejar que el software CRM vaya tomando fuerza hasta convertirse en la alternativa principal para contactar la empresa.

Las plataformas de CRM permiten acceder a un servicio al cliente más adecuado, además de otorgar una forma directa de solicitar los servicios o comprar los bienes de la compañía, de este modo, el precio que se pagaba en otra plataforma va directamente al presupuesto de la empresa, por ende, si se ahorran comisiones, se tiene un mayor rango de inversión para infraestructura y nómina.

Por el otro, el Netsuite México, dado que se emplea para mejorar la integración de los empleados con las funciones de la empresa, requiere que se vaya empleando paulatinamente y que las oficinas de recursos humanos y servicios al empleado sean utilizadas únicamente para servicios esenciales y complementarios, de modo que los usuarios comiencen a darle prioridad al sistema.